Volunteering 2019-2020

Academic year 2019/2020: one volunteer (3rd year)


  • Adela Chindriș
    • Adela Chindriș, 3rd year: Romanian language and literature - English language and literature

    About Adela:

    ”My name is Adela Chindriș and I am a student at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, undergraduate studies, specialism: Languages and literatures, Romanian and English, in the 3rd year. Some of my points of interest are: literary studies applied to both Romanian and foreign literature (focusing on the British and American literatures), academic writing, gender studies. One of my biggest passions is travelling. I decided to get involved in CODHUS because I am interested in digital literature research, but also in academic writing research.”

    Topic of her individual research:

    Harlem: photographs of change