Volunteering 2020-2021

Academic year 2020/2021: 3 Romanian volunteers + 1 international volunteer


  • Sorina Căprioară

    Sorina Căprioară, 1st year, Doctoral studies (WUT, Philology)

    About Sorina:

    “My name is Căprioară Sorina-Daniela and I am a sworn translator for French and English. I am currently enrolled in doctoral studies in the field of translation studies and I have chosen to work as a volunteer within CODHUS in order to acquire new skills in corpus analysis and make a modest contribution to the extensive project digitizing the methodologies attached to Humanities taking place at West University of  Timișoara.”

  • Antonia Pup

    Antonia Pup, 1st year, History

    About Antonia:

    “My name is Antonia and I am passionate about the critical analysis of everything around me. I always try to find the essence of the phenomena that are taking our lives, from the study of political events, to the analysis of the socio-economic context, to philosophical currents, from the problems faced by citizens in everyday life to the way we communicate. I am studying History, a consistent program of studies, which answers the main questions I am asking about these recurring events: how does the current past influence us and, above all, there is a cyclical background that can help us better explain the changes and challenges facing humanity against the background of what is likely to be the second major industrial revolution, the digitization revolution? I have chosen CODHUS because I am convinced that this vast field - digital humanities - needs competent researchers, I want to be among them, and through my research work, to help clarify these questions that are breaking our conscience. I believe that this research center has the potential to innovate society at several levels, including the historical dimension, a dimension which is vital to the development of humanity. I am passionate about education, I am analyzing it and arguing for the opportunity for educational policy measures, from the perspective of a student and an education activist, on my blog on the Adevărul platform.”

  • Mmasibidi Setaka

    Mmasibidi Setaka, SaDiLaR Researcher (The South African Centre for Digital Language Resources)

    About Mmasibidi:

    “Mmasibidi Setaka is a language researcher and DH scholar at the South African Centre for Digital Language Resources (SADiLaR) which is the first Centre of its kind in South Africa and Africa. Her focus is on Sesotho which is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa. Her interests lie in Lexicography, DH and open scholarship and is part of the executive committee of the Digital Humanities Association of Southern Africa. DH is an emerging field in South Africa and part of our responsibilities at SADiLaR is to host workshops and presentations introducing researchers and scholars to new methods and tools of doing research and how different fields in research can be brought together by DH. She has hosted workshops on DH scholarship, Voyant tools and open refine amongst others and published articles on DH in South Africa and Lexicography.”