Volunteers 2021-2022

Academic year 2021/2022: 7 volunteers


  • Anamaria Paula Andrei

    Anamaria Paula Andrei, 2nd year, BA student, Languages and Literatures (English language - German language)

    About Anamaria:

    “I chose to continue my activity at CODHUS, this time by volunteering, because last semester I was surprised by the activities I took part in, they were very interesting and kept me working with pleasure. So, I did not want to put an end to my activity after only one semester and I decided to stay in the CODHUS team, as a volunteer.

    I did interesting research last semester, on digital literature, learning what online readers consume and which are the most appreciated themes/genres.”

  • Maria-Simona Bica

    Maria-Simona Bica, 1st year, MA student, American Studies program and Literature and Culture - Romanian Contexts, European Contexts program

    About Maria-Simona:

    “My name is Maria-Simona Bica and I am a student at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology in the first year, at the MA programs: American studies and Literature and culture - Romanian contexts, European contexts. My points of interest are American, Romanian and comparative literature, while also being passionate about visual art, academic and creative writing. My preoccupation for research, which developed in the last year, made me join the CODHUS team. This environment helped me explore the interests I already have, but it also helped me discover new ones.”

  • Anca Brisc

    Anca Brisc, 1st year, BA student, Applied Modern Languages (English language - German language)

    About Anca:

    “My name is Anca Brisc and I am a first-year student at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, specializing in Modern Applied Languages English - German. Among the things I am passionate about are reading and research. I like to learn about art and different cultures, however I don't get intimidated by fields that are unfamiliar to me. I chose CODHUS because it gives me the opportunity to develop my language and digital skills.”

  • Carina-Maria Josan

    Carina-Maria Josan, 2nd year, MA student, Literature and Culture - Romanian Contexts, European Contexts program

    About Carina:

     “My name is Josan Carina-Maria and I am a student at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, postgraduate studies (masters degree), specialization in Literature and culture – Romanian and European contexts, in the 2nd year. My fields of interest are related to literature, philosophy, art history, aesthetics and literary theory. I decided to join CODHUS project so as to learn new methods of approaching the literary study and, also, new methods of elaborating academic writing.”

  • Mihaela Mureșan

    Mihaela Mureșan, 2nd year BA: Applied Modern Languages (English - German)

    About Mihaela:

    “I have been in this project for almost a year. I really want to continue to be a part of it because I think this is a great opportunity for me, making my English skills better. I have to do a research paper and I am excited about it because the topic that I chose could be interesting for almost everybody. It focuses on all Oscar Awards since 2019.”

  • Nicoleta-Larisa Chindriș

    Nicoleta-Larisa Chindriș, 1st year BA: Romanian language and literature - English language and literature

    About Larisa:

    “My name is Larisa Chindriș and I am a student at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, undergraduate studies, specialism: Languages and Literatures, Romanian and English, in the 1st year. Literature and creative and academic writing are a few of my interests, along with intercultural studies and traveling. I decided to join CODHUS because I want to learn more about digital literature research and analysis, and about corpus linguistics.”

  • Alexandra Șoavă

    Alexandra Șoavă, 1st year Digital Humanities MA student

    About Alexandra:

    “My name is Șoavă Alexandra and I am a first year student at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, within the Digital Humanities MA programme (University of Bucharest). I applied to volunteer to CODHUS due to the fact that I wanted to pursue my two passions, gender studies and etymology, at another level. I truly believe that technology and humanities can be explored hand in hand, in a unique and non-standard way.”