March 2022, SPOR series launch

Launch of Corpus Related Digital Humanities: Interdisciplinary Micro Perspectives (EUV) at Bookfest Timisoara

The CODHUS research centre (Centre for Corpus Related Digital Approaches to Humanities), affiliated to the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology of UVT, launched the first volume of the SPOR (Science Popularization Reports) series at the West University Publishing House, in the frame of “Research Library” collection. Through this series coordinated by Mădălina Chitez, Roxana Rogobete and Loredana Bercuci, CODHUS aims to disseminate and popularize the methods and tools used in various case studies in the digital humanities domain, and this volume is the first in Romania to bring together research initiatives within the field. Entitled Corpus Related Digital Humanities: Interdisciplinary Micro Perspectives and edited by Mădălina Chitez, Roxana Rogobete, Loredana Bercuci, Andreea Dincă, Raluca-Andreea Petruș, the publication is bilingual (Romanian-English) and contains 13 studies carried out by experienced researchers or students who have worked as interns or volunteers in CODHUS. Each chapter reflects the authors’ views on the use of digital methods in specific areas of the humanities (general linguistics, literature or cultural studies). At the same time, the volume demonstrates the interdisciplinary potential of research using such methods, through insights into political studies, gaming, popular culture, film studies, discourse analysis, etc. The CODHUS debut event with the SPOR series took place on Thursday, 31 March 2022, at 15:00, at Bookfest Timișoara, with the support of the West University Publishing House (director: Marilena Tudor). The guests of the meeting were Assoc. Prof. Valy Ceia (LIT pro-dean and CODHUS vice-president) and Cristina Oneț (graphic designer of the book).

The poster of the event:

Photos taken during our book launch: