December 2020, DIGITT workshop

December 8th-9th, 2020, workshops for students of the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology, year 1: Linguistics studies in the digital era (DIGITT series)

On 8th and 9th December 2020, first year students studying Romanian as a major or a minor in the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology have participated in a new workshop of the DIGITT series (Digital Linguistics Talks in Timisoara), titled Linguistic studies in the digital era. Digital instruments useful for linguistic studies and discourse analysis, The first part of the workshop consisted of a presentation of the ROGER project (Academic genres at the intersection between tradition and internationalization: Corpus based contrastive research on the use of academic genres by Romanian students), and of the CODHUS centre (Centre for Corpus Related Digital Approaches to Humanities), which wishes to be a “house of digital codes for humanists”. Discussing about apps used by students during their spare time, the students were then shown examples of the analyses conducted by the members of ROGER and CODHUS in the past months, stressing the opportunity that they have if they choose an internship or a volunteering stage at CODHUS. Students learned about tools such as AntConc, Lancsbox, Sketch Engine, Voyant tools. The meeting then focused, in its second part, on several applied exercises: using the last mentioned instrument (Voyant tools), the participants briefly analysed two corpora, in order to see the press discourse transformation from the last months, mostly caused by the coronavirus pandemic. At the end of the workshop students took part in a short quiz, and the participants with the best scores received prizes consisting of ROGER promotional materials.

We thank Senior Lecturer, PhD Ana-Maria Radu-Pop, from the Department of Romanian Studies, for giving us the opportunity to deliver the workshops, Bianca Socaci (CODHUS intern) for compiling the corpora, and our students for their involvement!

The poster of the event:

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