November 2022, LUMEN Conference Presentation

22-26 Noiembrie 2022, World Empowering LUMEN Congress On Multidimensional Education | WELCOME22

Between 22nd and 26th of November, the World Empowering LUMEN Congress On Multidimensional Education | WELCOME22 took place. The research team, represented by Alexandru Oravițan, Mădălina Chitez & Roxana Rogobete, presented the paper titled “Does Romanian School Writing Support Multidimensional Competence Building? A Linguistically Informed Assessment Model”.

The paper focuses on writing in the secondary school context, and it aimed to assess the relationship between the way in which writing tasks have been formulated and the competences which they target, in order to see how critical thinking & writing itself are connected. The two-fold approach – linguistic and contrastive – is based on 3 textbooks for Romanian language and literature for the 8th grade, from which the team selected the writing tasks and analyzed them with a corpus query system (Sketch Engine). The analysis resulted in an N-gram and a verb list, which we contrasted with Bloom’s taxonomy. The results showcase that most N-grams and verbs target creation and there is a disregard for analysis and evaluation, therefore the writing tasks should be better correlated with the learning objectives from the curriculum.

The recording of the presentation can be accessed here.

The recording of the conference session is available aici.

Presentation excerpts: