October 2022, RADH book launch

In October 2022 the book titled Recent Advances in Digital Humanities: Romance Language Applications, edited by Anca Dinu, Madalina Chitez, Liviu Dinu, and Mihnea Dobre.

The volume is addressed to a wide range of scholars interested in the use of digital tools and methods in the humanities. Readers can find examples of new instruments and workflows which attest successful applications of the digital humanities techniques to some (traditional) problems in the scholarship of several disciplines. In addition, the focus on Romance language applications, while capturing specific language processing and analysis challenges, turns this volume into a valuable reference work.

Our research team is present in the book with the chapter Phraseology in Romanian Academic Writing: Corpus Based Explorations into Field-Specific Multiword Units (authors: Valentina Mureșan, Roxana Rogobete, Ana-Maria Bucur, Madalina Chitez, Andreea Dinca).

More information about the book are available on the publisher’s webpage: https://utpdistribution.com/9783631811474/recent-advances-in-digital-humanities/